We meet lots of people in our life, but we have only a few true friends. I would like to dedicate this site to my good friend, "Cascade" George Mason 1921-1991.

About me

                  Welcome friends, my name is Cliff, but my friends call me "Carcajou," the french/indian word for the wolverine. I grew up in the beautiful Hood River Valley in the state of Oregon, and yes I am a child of the 50's. Davy Crockett was my childhood hero. For years I have made my own moccasins, buckskins, and possibles. Now I offer the same to you. Everything I make has been worn and tested in the woods, hunting, fishing, and wandering. They should hold up to anything that you want to try. Just remember that I am not a trapper, nor do I tan furs.

                  All of the furs, paws, and parts I uses are legally obtained from reputable sources. I am always open to trying new ideas, so if you have something that you would like me to try, I would be happy to oblige. One thing I ask, is that there be no religious, or political themes to be requested. I try to price my items fairly, but due to the market the cost may vary. I do ship worldwide, unfortunately however, due to legal issues most furs cannot be shipped outside the U. S. with the exception, so far, of rabbit.

                  Another thing, because of an unfortunate accident to my right hand, I am limited in my dexterity. This makes intricate beadwork difficult. Having said that I can, and do, use pre-made beadwork from time to time. Though I attempt what I am able to do, so ask, you never know.

                  This what I do for fun and I always like to meet new friends. So if you have a question, by all means, call me. Or if you just want to say "Howdy," I would love to hear from you. Call me at either 1-541-354-6289 or 1-541-399-0372.

                  Until then, keep your eyes to the skyline, Carcajou.


The hats I craft are all hand-stitched and made to order. When ordering please include your hat size, or measure your head,(send the length in inches) a cloth tape works well. Measure above your eyebrows, around your head above your ears. Also if you would like a loose or tight fit please specify. Please detail any added features that you prefer, such the type of fur, style, or, those options listed below. You're only limited to your imagination so be creative and I'll try to accommodate.

Basic hat: $150.00 ( depending on the price of the fur, blue, artic fox, silver fox for example would be according the cost of the fur, and could be more.)

beaded rosette, and feather: $20.00
porcupine quillwork on brim $20.00
stitching on brim $15.00

Silk lining comes in:
Royal blue
Royal blue print

Postage: U.S. $10.00
Outside U.S. usually $20.00 but depending on destination


As shown in the photos I make moccasins in several styles. For hunting I have found the knee high boot moccasin to be an all-around comfortable fit and my most popular seller. They are quiet in the driest weather. The pair that I wear have lasted me for many years and many miles. The beauty of this style is that if the soles wear through I can have a new set cut out and stitched up fairly quickly. The tops never wear out. I also offer a "Salish" Flathead moccasin in either ankle, and knee high. These are great for wearing around camp, or hiking. Another style is the "Iroquois" or eastern center seam. I really love moccasins in the woods mainly because you can feel what your stepping on and can adjust you weight to avoid snapping sticks and move quieter, and when you get used wearing them faster. I do not suggest wearing leather sole moccasins on asphalt or concrete which wears them out quickly, as I found out the hard way years ago.



I missed that "These mittens are made of beaver (but could be made of other fur) and are of the same kind used used by Alaskan dogsled mushers. They are quite durable and are extremely warm in the coldest weather."


Medicine Bags

"Cascade" George was a master trapper, who trapped some sixty years of his life. He told me once that the fur companies didn't want the feet left on the bobcat pelts. Well, he hated to just toss them out, so he tanned them, sewed on a leather bag, added some beadwork and the end result is what is pictured on my site. After George passed I just couldn't let this beautiful original design pass off the scene with him,so I have taken up where he left off, I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I have worn one of these medicine bags for many years and I can tell you that they are very handy. I carry flints for my rifle, small gun parts, ear plugs for when I shoot, cash you name it. The only modification I made was to add a small knife to the back side. Not only are they handy they are a wonderful addition to any buckskin, or pow wow outfit.

Medicine bag $55.00

with neck knife $65.00

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